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10 Bad Dog Breeds for Families with Kids

Some of the dogs you see in movies are on the streets seem to be cuteness itself you can’t help but would love to have such an adorable companion little do you know that some of a beautiful and cute dog breeds are bad for families with kids.

10. Akita Inu

Akita Inu dog became famous worldwide after the movie “Hachi – A Dog’s Tale”, you can find numerous memes on the Internet where a lot of guys play the main role. At the same time, Akita Inu dogs are surprisingly challenging in everyday life.

They are suspicious of strangers and don’t like kids they don’t know, adult Akita and new dogs can be aggressive towards other animals especially representatives of their own breed.

As a result, they can suddenly attack other dogs ignoring any size difference, according to the intelligence of dogs rating the Akita Inu is in 104th place out of 138, this rating reflects how easily dog breeds can learn commands and how obedient they are.

9. Dalmatian

The movie “101 Dalmatians” served as the perfect ad campaign for this beautiful dog breeder however the creators of the movie sugar-coated Dalmatians.

Dalmatians are big extremely strong and overactive even if your dog is socialized in use to children’s attention you should closely watch its interactions with kids, don’t leave them alone even for a minute.

Not well training these dogs will make bad dog breeds for families with kids, a Dalmatian needs serious training to prevent the animal from crowing up a loose cannon, their position in the intelligence of dogs rating is 62.

8. Russian Toy Dog

This dog breed is a gentle and very loyal dog but you should remember that it has a truly sensitive nature, if there are active kids in your family this dog will be constantly stressed this tiny pooch will soon become timid and fearful and this can lead to aggression.

The Russian toy are well known for their fragility, you mustn’t grab them too tightly squeeze them or drop them even from a small height, breeders typically recommend these dogs for single people and families with grown-up kits.

7. Doberman

These dogs are exceptionally good hunters with perfect obedience skills which is why families with kids often think of adopting one as a pet.

On the one hand, it makes sense as these dogs have well developed instinct to protect pups on, the other hand they also have a strong desire to dominate.

It’ll take a lot of training to make the dog remember that your kids are masters just as you are and that they need not only protection but also respect.

You need to choose a young dog for adoption with great care as this breed has suffered greatly from unscrupulous breeding. Dobermans are in fifth place on the intelligence of dogs rating.

6. Husky

If you adopt a Siberian Husky be ready to get another child who is most even energetic and demands tons of attention and hours of walks.

This dog breed isn’t aggressive at all but this doesn’t mean you can leave such a pooch alone with your little kids. A Husky is a strong big playful dog and can express its emotions by jumping at a kid.

This may hurt or scare a young child so you’ll need to teach the dog to show its feelings in the proper way you should think carefully before adopting a dog of this breed into a family with little kids or buying a husky as a first dog, the Huskies position and the intelligence of dogs rating is 7 out of 138.

5. Basenji

The other name for this Booch is African barkless talk at first sight, it’s an ideal pet, it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t make noise and it’s easy on the eye.

Unfortunately, this coin has another side the senses are unstoppably curious and highly intelligent as a result they are prone to disobedience.

These dogs occupy the second-to-last place and the intelligence of dogs rating dog breeders state that this pup may know all the commands perfectly well.

However, every time you give a command the dog decides whether it wants to obey or not in addition these dogs are unsurpassed in the art of escape they can’t even be stopped by fences climbing over them with practiced ease

Before adopting this dog you need to consider whether you’ll be able to pay the animal as much attention as you do to your kids.

4. Alabai

The Alabai (aka Central Asian shepherd) dog looks like a fluffy white bear, but don’t let yourself be fooled this is an exceptionally strong and big dog.

The dogs of this breed make perfect protectors but at the same time they tend to dominate, this is why an alibi who is taken into a family with little kids will need a full training course, it’s a necessary step to teach the dog the hierarchy in the family.

Alabai can be pretty slow to obey commands and if the pooch has for, example, not your kid down it may take time before the pet reacts to your shout if you’re an inexperienced dog owner dreaming of an animal that looks like a fluffy bear up for a Newfoundland or st. Bernard.

3. Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is considered to be the smallest breed these dogs are usually aware of their fragility and that’s why they don’t particularly trust children.

a small kid can perceive this dog more like a toy than a living being besides, most dogs of this breed are like children themselves they attached to one owner and become really jealous if someone else appears in their master’s life.

If a chihuahua isn’t trained it may start to bite and its teeth while tiny are very sharp, this dog’s place and the intelligence of dogs rating is 125.

2. Pekinese

The most prominent feature of any Pekinese is its self-centeredness, most Pekinese dislike children who make too much noise and try to touch or cuddle them A Pekinese won’t stand for such behavior.

If its owners haven’t bothered with training the dog can even bite you may get lucky and have a pup with a different character but if you want a pet that will definitely love your kids consider another breed, Pekinese dogs are 132 in the intelligence of dogs rating.

1. Corgi

They say a Corgi is a small Shepherd dog who believes it’s big any conscientious dog breeder should warn you that this breed isn’t the best where families with kids or soft-hearted people who will spoil the pup.

Young corgis can easily become aggressive after they have tested their boundaries and realize that they can get away with a lot because these pups are so sweet.

This is especially true for male dogs it’s pretty hard to change this behavior once the dog is used to an absence of authority. Corgis are Shepherd dogs so your pet may develop a habit of gathering kids and herding them someplace they consider safe, this looks cute unless you know that the dog herds the little ones by biting their legs.

Naturally, this may scare your kid however corgis are pretty high on the list of the intelligence of dogs they occupy 11th place out of 138.

Finally, you should that these dogs in this list are born not good for families with kids.  But you can own them if you have kids, it’s about how you train the dog and it depends on the personality and behavioral teaching of your dog.

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