Homemade Dog Food and Biscuits

As a pet owner these days, you are probably more concerned about the commercial food and biscuits your pet eats as there has been lots of bad press about it recently. Though some commercials promote their dog foods as “safe”, it may not be so as they generally mix in artificial flavoring and coloring and add preservatives and other fillers in their products.

Dubious ingredients in dog food is understandably a great concern to many pet owners however, what you may not know is that there is an alternative to buying commercial dog food at all. Homemade dog food and biscuits or other doggy treats, are simple to make and very worthwhile.

If you are able to make a meal then you will be able to make homemade dog food and biscuits. Making your dog’s meals is as simple as making a casserole for your family’s dinner. And making homemade dog biscuits is similar to baking cookies and just as easy. The difference of course, is the taste and perhaps the shape. As you can see, making homemade dog food and biscuits is simpler than you’d expect and before too long your dog will be eating healthy treats made with meats and vegetables.

You probably don’t like your dog eating food comprised of mysterious ingredients. So it is better to give your dog your own homemade dog food and biscuits as it is safe, fresh and generally made up of ingredients youd eat yourself. If you give your dog homemade dog food and biscuits, he would not only be happy as he’d get to enjoy new treats everyday, but he’ll also enjoy better health.

Make sure you know your dog’s food preferences before you start making your own homemade dog food and biscuits. Inspect his eating habits and observe what food he likes and what he doesn’t. Doing so would save you time and money too as you’d know what ingredients to include and what not in your homemade dog food and biscuits. If you’re aware that your dog doesn’t even touch turkey, you would obviously not waste your money to buy it.

Making homemade dog food and biscuits are is a wonderful way to express your care and concern for your beloved pet. Buying choice ingredients is an investment in the health of your dog. You can add years to his life and help him feel happy, healthy and energized.

Once you’ve changed over to homemade dog food and biscuits, you’ll never look back to commercial dog food. Just as you like to know what your food contains, you can do the same for your pet’s food. Never again will you wonder what’s in your dog’s food.

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