What Should I feed My Dog?

What did you learn from the 2016 pet food contaminations?

I was lucky; I did not have to learn what it was like to have my pets poisoned. However, I did learn that I did not know enough about animal nutrition to keep my pets safe.

The saga continues with constant events of product contamination during and after manufacturing as well as FDA product confiscation from major warehouses. I am not a veterinarian or nutritionist, but I spent two years trying to answer my own questions of how to know when a product is healthy and safe.

First, let’s address healthy.

It is true that a lot of products are OK. But, is OK the same as healthy. NO! In this country our regulatory standards for pet products are very low. Meeting the standards is not the same as formulating a product for optimum health and lifespan. In my quest to learn, I found only a handful of companies that base their food formulas on current scientific nutritional information in an effort to really produce a healthy dog food. The rest simply bragged that they met the standards.

Next, lets question the safety of the product?

Safety in any industry is all about quality control. Here is a challenge for you. Call one of the major dog food companies. Ask them about their quality control procedures. Here is a list of questions you can ask:

  1. Do you test your raw materials before processing or manufacturing?
  2. Do you test and maintain samples of each manufactured batch of food?
  3. What specifically do you test for?
  4. How do you monitor the quality of handling and storage of your food after you sell it to distributors?
  5. Who formulated your product, and are they available to talk to?

Let me know what you find out.

After more than two years, I am still waiting for an answer from most of the companies I contacted. I cannot tell you what company is the best. But I can tell you that I will only deal with companies that are willing to answer my questions. Of the few that seem open to discussing their products, I chose the one that had the highest level of quality control and maintains a close relationship with their customers.

I cannot teach you everything you need to know about proper feeding in a short lesson. But, I can give you enough information to question what you are currently feeding. This is a good thing. Step out of the trap of just feeding your pets what you or someone else has always fed without knowing why.

The problems have not ended. The highly publicized 2007 pet food poisonings caused many “watch dog” groups to take a closer look at the how and why. The results have been the exposure of just how bad most commercial foods are for your dog and how the regulatory process of advertising these food is geared toward fooling you for commercial gain. I am all for business making a profit but not when the product (advertised as good for your dog) contains ingredients that will slowly poison your dog and shorten his life span.

Watch the videos on this page and follow the link to – you will find out what and why The Dog Lady uses the products you will find there.

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Yes, I am proud to say that I am a distributor for this company. I have personally met Dr. Jane and was impressed by her honest dedication to the work she does. After 2 years of using and recommending these products, I decided to join the organization. By doing so I believe that I am actively supporting a company that cares about the health of everyone’s pets.

I hope that you will take the time to investigate the link below. By making your purchases from this link you will be feeding your pets for optimal health and wellness while helping support my efforts to increase the quality of life for pets and pet owners through education and training.

The Dog Lady

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