Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling with Your Dog

If you’re one of millions of people who travel with your dog, you’ll not only want to travel safely, but you’ll also want to make your trips as pleasurable for yourself and your canine companion as possible. Along with being fun and exciting, being away from home can also be stressful, but there are some …

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Dog Vaccinations

Dog Trick Training

Trick training is more than teaching your dog cute behaviors. Like all training, trick training helps your relationship with your dog, improves your timing, and reinforces your dog’s other training. And if you do therapy work with your dog, your audience is likely to be very appreciative of even the simplest tricks. Capture It Shaping …

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Pet-assisted Therapy

Pet-assisted Therapy

Pet-assisted therapy has become more popular in recent years. There are a variety of types of pet-assisted therapy and venues in which to pursue it. In some facilities, therapy work is primarily an entertainment source and stress reliever for the patients, but in others patients are put to work in some fashion with the dogs. …

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How Your Dog Learns

Outdoor Activities with Your Dog

Outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your dog abound. Depending on the energy and fitness level of your dog, and his individual proclivities, outdoor fun might include simple backyard games like Frisbee, swimming, or hiking, but could also include more exotic activities, like skijoring (see the info on skijoring later in this chapter). The …

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Competitive Performance Sports

Competitive Performance Sports

For every type of person and dog, there is a type of competition to suit their interests. Some are popular, like the conformation show the Westminster Kennel Club puts on every year that is nationally televised. Others are more obscure, although just as well loved by their devotees. There are two basic types of competitive …

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Deterring Misbehavior

Breed-Specific Activities

In the AKC, the largest registry in the USA, breeds are split into groups based on their purposes. Many of the groups and some individual breeds have competitions or titling events. Unlike the types of competition, open to essentially all breeds (including mixed breeds, depending on the registry the club offering the event is affiliated …

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