Dog Training in Texas

Remember that dogs will always be dogs. They, like human toddlers, do what comes naturally to them and what is useful — and joyful — to them. Jumping, chewing, and barking are all hard-wired behaviors in dogs as effective ways for them to communicate. Problems do not develop out of nowhere, but their causes might be difficult to identify. If your puppy or dog is doing anything you don’t like — rummaging the garbage, leaping on the furniture, begging excessively — part of the solution and modifying his behavior is acknowledging the problem and applying common sense.

Owners can learn how to interpret their dog’s emotions and body language through obedience training. That astute perception allows owners to gain control of a potentially violent dog before she becomes very irritated. If the owner intervenes too late — when the dog’s adrenaline is at its pinnacle — the dog will be completely unaware of any attempts to stop her. Finally, regardless of how well-trained the dog is, a responsible owner never assumes his dog is “cured” and takes every care.

Additional Dog Resources

Believe it or not, while this book gives you an excellent overview on the fundamentals of having a dog in your life, there are lots of other ways to learn about dogs, whether it’s your particular breed, training needs, activities you may want to become involved in, health concerns, and so on. This list includes the names of magazines and books that, in the opinion of the authors, are some of the very best among the many that are available.