frequently asked questions

What type of dog training techniques or style do you use?

I believe that positive reward based training is the best. It is humane, easily replicated by dog owners (and children) and scientifically proven to be the most reliable. The basis of most problem behavior modification programs I use is desensitization, operand and classical conditioning. Other myth based dog training methods, that were developed before the science of animal training was popular, may work temporarily but at what price? There is nothing magical about my (or any) dog training methods. I know what I know because I have studied the work of animal behaviorists who are leaders in the field of animal behavior studies.

Today our pets are members of our families. It is important to know who it is you are trusting your family members future to. This is why I have included so much personal information on this site. Look around and you will learn a lot about who I am and what I stand for.

Some, even my own family members, might say that the work I do with dog owners requires too much sacrifice. Sometimes the sacrifices have been great (you don’t get rich training dogs unless you have your own television show). But, I truly believe that abundance means not being dependent on external circumstances to be whole and complete.

Why did you start a membership company for dog training? Can this form of training really work?

We are living in a new era of internet do-it-yourself everything. Some businesses hate the competition but I think it can be a good thing for many dog owners if done properly. Many of my customers in the past could have saved money by learning from a web site like this and only paying for personal lessons for the things they could not accomplish on their own. Distance learning works for people that are willing to make a commitment.

There are also many dog experienced people who only need coaching to solve their dog problems. I have never been comfortable with dog trainers who treat dog owners like children or refuse to give advice instead of expensive lesson programs. Most dog owners know more than they think they do (some dog trainers don’t know as much as they think they do) . With the support of the right professional, dog owners can often solve even difficult dog behavior problems on their own.

Dog training is not rocket science and there are no hidden secrets that dog owners need to pay to have revealed. Animal behavior science has advanced very quickly and problems arise when dog owners do not recognize the difference between good advice and bad advice. This site is designed to give dog owners modern humane training programs, the ability to differentiate between good dog training advice and outdated myths, and how to find additional resources should the need arise.