potty training puppy

Do You Have Puppy Potty Training Problems?

I am guessing that you either do have or have recently had a problem house training a new puppy. I think everybody has that problem sooner or later. However, when…

Why do Puppies Hump?

Why do Puppies Hump Things?

Why Do Dogs Hump Things? You may have seen dogs who hump toys or cushions or who try to hump other dogs. You may have even had dogs that humped…

Why Dogs Lick Our Faces

Why Does My Dog Lick My Face?

Dogs can mean a lot of different things when they lick. Believe it or not, licking is a form of communication for dogs, as well as something dogs, use for…

Why do Dogs Sniff my Crotch

Why do Dogs Sniff my Crotch

It’s one of the most embarrassing things dogs do. You’re standing there talking to someone, having a nice chat, when all of a sudden your dog pokes his nose in…

Dog Sits on my Feet

Why does my Dog Sit on my Feet

There are many reasons why a dog may like to sit on an owner’s feet. It all depends on the dog and the other behaviors they exhibit. What kind of…

dog licking air

Why Does My Dog Lick The Air?

This is a question I was asked by one of my clients recently so I thought I do a little research and see if I could find out the answer….

how to get dogs to stop scratching doors

How to Keep a Dog from Scratching the Door

Is your dog scratching at the door?Contents1 Is your dog scratching at the door?1.1 Why is your dog scratching on the door?1.1.1 Seeking attention1.1.2 To go outside1.1.3 Too much energy1.2…

dog environment behavior

How Does Environment Influence a Dog’s Behavior

Understanding your dog’s behavior and the environmentContents1 Understanding your dog’s behavior and the environment2 Important factors to help understand dog behavior and environment.3 Outside factors influencing a dog’s behavior4 How…

Fundamentals Dog Training

Dog Training Fundamentals You Need to Learn

Apply the basics of dog training to get good results.Contents1 Apply the basics of dog training to get good results.2 Right guidelines for dog training success.2.1 The rules to know…

How To Make A Dog Stop Eating Poop

How To Make A Dog Stop Eating Poop

Poop Eating – Break the HabitContents1 Poop Eating – Break the Habit1.1 Behavioral Problem1.2 Getting Attention1.3 Deterrents1.4 Vet Exam Eating poop is socially unacceptable and exposes your dog to parasites…

How Often Should You Feed Your Dog

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

How Much to Feed a Dog (Commercial & Homemade Foods)Contents1 How Much to Feed a Dog (Commercial & Homemade Foods)1.1 How Much Should My Dog Eat?1.2 How to Transition to…

Dog Grooming Guide

Complete Guide to Grooming Your Dog

Dog Grooming GuideContents1 Dog Grooming Guide1.1 Brushing1.2 Brush and Comb Types and Styles1.3 When to Brush a Dog1.4 How to Brush1.5 Combing1.6 The Dog Bath!1.7 Nail Care for Dogs1.8 Teeth1.9…

Dog gas Prevention

How to Eliminate or Reduce Dog Gas

The medical word for gas is “flatus” and the condition of passing gas is called “flatulence”. Flatulence (also known as farting, passing wind, passing gas), refers to the passing of…

Agility Training Dogs

Dog Agility Training — The Sport Dogs Love

Agility training is a popular sport where you direct your dog off-leash using only voice and body language commands around an obstacle course. Obstacles include A-frames, horizontal bar jumps, see-saws,…

Dog Anxiety Help

Dog Anxiety and Fears

Treating simple anxiety isn’t hard. Find something that your dog really likes such as a doggie treat or a squeaky toy. Plan an activity that usually brings about anxious behavior….

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