Teaching “Come”

Simply simple, leash your dog and wait for her to become preoccupied. “(Dog’s name), come,” you call, reeling in the lead as you back up and exclaim, “Good, good, gooood!” Kneel to welcome her and release her with the “chin-touch alright.” A game called “Pass the Puppy” is a terrific technique to teach your dog …

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dog Sit and Sit-Stay

Sit and Sit-Stay Commands

Teaching “Sit” and “Sit-Stay” Place your dog on your left side, hold his collar with your right hand, and place your left hand on his loin slightly in front of his hip bones and behind his rib cage to teach the “sit” command. Ask him to “Sit” while you draw up on the collar and …

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Drop It Command

Drop It Command

After several days of random object exchanges, your dog should be happy to see you approaching him when he has something in his mouth, knowing it means a good deal for him. At the very least, he’ll get something good in exchange for what he has, and he might even get what he has back …

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Leave It Command

The Leave It Command

You’ll teach your dog the leave it command with treats, and then transfer the meaning to other things he would otherwise pursue with abandon if unimpeded by your command. During the process of teaching your dog to “leave it” on command, you’ll also teach your dog to “take it” on command, so this is really …

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Reinforcing Settle Command

Reinforcing Settle Command

In the early stages of training, or when the lure of distractions may be over-whelming for your dog, you can make your own life a little easier by using tethers to back up your dog’s place on his mat. You can also use tethers in outdoor situations to ensure the safety of your dog. Using …

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Teaching the Settle Command

Teaching the Settle Command

Ahh, the settle command. This command, once mastered, is your dog’s ticket to freedom. It means that he can be contained in a designated area without actually being contained by a physical barrier. Instead of being locked away from the action when you have visitors, he can be part of it, or at least a …

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The Wait Command

The Wait Command

The wait command is one of the most versatile and useful commands you can teach your dog. Not only will you use it as a leadership tool and to instill your dog with self-control, but also, in virtually endless practical ways, it make life with your dog easier, safer, and more enjoyable for both of …

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Teaching Your Dog to Come

Teaching Your Dog to Come

The recall, or teaching your dog to come to you when you call, is arguably the most important thing you’ll ever teach your dog. Undoubtedly, you want your dog to come to you when you call every time, not just when he wants to. It takes time and commitment to teach your dog a rock-solid, …

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Sit, Down, and Stand: Compulsion

Compulsion, or physically (not forcefully) positioning your dog, can be used to back up commands originally taught using luring, or to teach the behaviors if you don’t want to use luring. As with luring, you’ll use the command one time as your dog is getting into the position. Remember to CR/ treat if you’re using …

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