Leash Walking

Who’s Walking Who

Who’s Walking Who?

Your Relationship Affects Leash Walking Like practically every other aspect of training your dog, the relationship you have with him affects how he walks on leash. Is he attentive to you, or more interested in everything else? Does he drag you toward things he wants to see or sniff, while you trail helplessly behind like …

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dog Walking with a Regular Leash

Walking with a Regular Leash

Your basic 6-foot leash is what you’ll be using in your everyday life with your dog. It’s perfect for neighborhood walks, trips to the vet, and anywhere you need to control your dog’s movement in close proximity to yourself. Now that you’ve spent some time playing the follow me game and teaching your dog leash …

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Heeling and Heel Position dogs

Heeling and Heel Position

So far, you’ve been teaching your dog to respect and pay attention to you and your leash. If you’ve done all the exercises, your dog should be walking pretty nicely by your left side with slack in the leash. Based on the theory that dogs will move away from discomfort and toward comfort, walking nicely …

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