Dog Tricks & Games

Dog Delivery Tricks

Delivery Tricks for Dogs

The fundamental skill involved in retrieval tricks is the dog’s ability to carry things in her mouth. The secondary skill is the dog’s ability to carry things in her mouth from one place to another. Delivery tricks simply exchange the “from” and “to,” which, as these next few tricks will show, can be fun and …

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Retrieve dog tricks

Retrieving Tricks & Games

Any dog can learn to pick something up in his mouth and bring it to her handler. Although some dogs have an instinctive talent to perform this behavior, even the most reluctant dog can learn to retrieve using operant conditioning by means of a clicker and treats. Each of these tricks involves the dog retrieving …

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play Dogs Games

Games Dogs Play

The more time you spend with your dog, the more ways you’ll find to play with her. Some games will be discovered, and some invented. Some of the games will be physical, while others will be mental. Some of the best games combine physical and mental play to keep your dog engaged and productively occupied. …

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Speaking Dog Game

Speaking Dog Game

If you watch dogs interact, you’ll notice an almost ritualistic array of physical communication. Some behaviors are displayed to calm or defer to whomever the communication is aimed toward. Other displays indicate an alert, assertive frame of mind, or even an invitation to play. Facial Expressions Dogs have an array of facial expressions. A relaxed …

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Tug of War with Your Dog

Tug of War with Your Dog

There is quite a bit of controversy over whether or not playing tug games with your dog is a good idea. For the average dog, teaching her to play tug by the rules is a great way to let her have fun, in addition to giving you exquisite control of her mouth. For many dogs, …

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dog Playing Fetch

Playing Fetch

The ultimate game of cooperation, fetch (or retrieving) is a terrific way to both build cooperation and wear your dog out. Some dogs are natural retrievers, but most dogs with even a slight interest in toys can be taught to enjoy retrieving. The Two-toys Game The two-toys game is a great way to get your …

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