Choosing a Dog

Bring Your New Dog Home

Picking Out Your Perfect Puppy

Now that you’ve decided what kind of dog you’re looking for and have some idea of where you’re going to get your new family member, it’s finally time for the fun part — meeting and playing with puppies and dogs! The Pick of the Litter If possible, plan on visiting each litter you’re choosing from …

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Control the Games, Control the Dog

Where to Get Your Dog

Where you get your dog will depend greatly on what kind of dogs your research has led you to put on your shortlist. There are lots of different ways to find your new pet, from searching the Internet to finding a dog in the street. Other than actually finding a dog and keeping her, you …

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Choosing the Right Type of Dog for You

The Right Dog for You

Choosing the Perfect Dog for your Family Finding your perfect companion may not be the easiest task you’ll ever undertake, but it may certainly be one of the most rewarding. Pedigree or mixed breed, puppy or adult dog, you can find the ideal prospect to mold into the dog of your dreams with a little …

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Rarest Dog Breeds in the World

8 Obscure Dog Breeds

Rarest Dog Breeds in the World On the other side of the debate over mixed-breed rescue vs purebred for specific human needs, we present some obscure dog breeds who still have a job to do. As a practice that’s been going on for literally thousands of years, the purposes of dog breeding have evolved along …

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Stubborn Dog Breeds

The 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds

Some dogs are known to be easy-going, relaxed, and extremely playful. Others? Not so much. Some dog breeds are downright stubborn — it’s their world and you’re just living in it! Does that sound like your dog? Check out the top 10 most stubborn dog breeds! 10. Beagle Beagles are very independent pups. If you …

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When Not To Rescue A Dog

When Not To Rescue A Dog

I was recently asked by one of our local animal rescue groups to help them out by fostering some puppies belonging to a mother with a large litter of 11 puppies that they had just picked up. They asked me to take some to hand-rear and leave some with her. I went to the kennels …

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