Dog Grooming

Poodle Grooming

Poodle Grooming Hairstyles

The Poodle is a breed that can have a variety of different trims. This is the way to go if you want a typical breed trim with a topknot, pom-pom tail, and clean-shaved feet and face. To begin, the Poodle must be clean and dry, with all hair blown-dry straight and fluffed to ensure an …

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dog has matted hair

Dematting Your Dogs Coat

Should You Demat or Just Shave Your Dog? When a dog’s hair becomes matted, you must decide whether to demat or shave. This is determined by the degree of matting. If the matting isn’t too severe, you can sometimes comb out the mats with a little effort. If the matting is extensive or extremely tight, …

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Bathing Dogs

Dog Bathing

How to Bathe a Dog Correctly Bathing may appear to be a simple and straightforward task, but it is the most important aspect of grooming. If you don’t bathe the dog properly, the hair won’t fluff up well when drying, and the oil and dirt left behind will dull or ruin the clipper blades and …

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Dog Groomer Types

Types of Dog Groomers

There are numerous places where you can have your pet groomed. There are also mobile groomers who will come to your home and groom your pet in your driveway, as well as in-home groomers who will come to your home and groom your pet inside. Everything is determined by where you live and who is …

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Grooming Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire terriers are famous for their soft, flowing coats. But, it takes a great deal of care to keep the coat in tip-top condition. Fortunately, it is easy to learn how to care for your Yorkie’s coat. Yorkshire terriers do not have the regular ‘fur’ of other pets therefore they are less prone to possess …

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