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Dog Trick Training

How Your Dog Learns

Like every other animal on the planet, your dog learns from the consequences, both good and bad, of his actions. If something good happens, your dog is likely to repeat that action, expecting a similar result. On the contrary, if something your dog doesn’t like occurs as a result of his action, that behavior is …

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Dog Care for Kids

Puppy Socialization Plan

A 16-week-old puppy’s brain contains the same number of brain cells as a newborn puppy’s brain, but it is roughly ten times larger. This remarkable increase in size has nothing to do with the brain cells themselves, but rather with the number of connections formed between them. These connections are formed as a direct result …

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Puppy Crate Training

Crate Training Your Dog

Dog crate training is a popular method of housetraining. A crate represents a den for your dog. Using a crate to train your dog teaches him that the human den (the house) is to be kept clean and is a place of comfort. Crate size should enable your dog to stand up and lie down …

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Ultimate Dog House Training Guide

Ultimate Dog House Training Guide

What Is the Ultimate Dog House Training Guide? This manual tackles perhaps the most prevalent, complicated, and exasperating issue faced by many dog-owners: house training. Has any aspect of dog ownership ever been so widely misunderstood and generally feared? Most dog owners are anxious when it comes to a dog’s house training. This neat handbook …

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Puppy training

How to Train a Puppy

What to Cover When Training Your Puppy Even though you love your puppy more than you ever imagined possible and consider her one of your “children,” it’s crucial to remember that a dog is not a human. Their genetic makeup mandates that they react differently to things – after all, you wouldn’t get to know …

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