Ultimate Dog House Training Guide

Ultimate Dog House Training Guide

What Is the Ultimate Dog House Training Guide?

This manual tackles perhaps the most prevalent, complicated, and exasperating issue faced by many dog-owners: house training. Has any aspect of dog ownership ever been so widely misunderstood and generally feared? Most dog owners are anxious when it comes to a dog’s house training.

This neat handbook contains a lot of materials – both short tips and in-depth details. You can discover an absolute torrent of contradictory points of view almost anywhere you choose to look for information on the subject, whether it’s online, at your local library, through a call with dog trainers, or through the (less trustworthy but nevertheless fruitful) ranks of “fraud dog trainers”, those people who claim to have credentials, but with enough arrogance to fool us owners and lovers of canine pets into handing over our hard-earned money.

What Sets This Book Apart?

After an increasingly frustrating time scanning through the field of contradictory knowledge on the subject, it was with an exciting combination of joy and near-tearfulness that I found an online book entitled “The Ultimate House Training Guide”, by Martin Olliver. As the title suggests, exactly all aspects of the subject are exposed, and in a way both friendly and instructional – it’s kind of like having a sociable conversation with a well-informed canine behaviorist (with the added advantage of being able to revive your knowledge of it at any given time, simply by skipping back to the relevant section!)

The pitch of the book presents a welcome contrast to the irrationality so widely available elsewhere on the Net: it’s hassle-free, enlightening, and above all, useful! No gimmicky suggestions, poorly-disguised advertising tricks, or too-short Q& sessions here. You don’t have to be knowledgeable in canine conduct or bull dog training, for example, to see that this guy knows what he’s talking about… and did I mention that he’s a vet?

What’s Actually Included?

There’s a quick-to-read section on the tools of the trade (endurance, perseverance, steadiness, and rationality) along with some advice that can boost your morale on how to maintain your temper through the training course, and then it’s directly into the meat of the matter: the fundamentals on how to house train, with a thorough section (one for pups, one for older dogs) on each of the three techniques suggested (paper-training, crate-training, and the direct method.)

Familiar house training troubles are exposed – this is very useful! A vast variety of concerns are covered – from territorial marking to poop-eating; and on top of that, each setback comes with a case study – a real-life situation which you can relate to in a practical way, which helps you to put the information into practice.

Next, health for dogs related problems are exposed in some depth but I guarantee that you won’t be scratching your head while reading this – it’s jargon-free and very readable. There’s a section on innate problems (problems your dog was born with); a section on the disease-related problems that build up later in life; and a section on other problems related to house training, like unsuitable outdoor elimination, or lawn-burn from urination.

Lastly, there are the Top Ten Tips for trouble-free dog house training, which is basically a recap of the most useful and essential behavior modifications, sensible tips, and useful chunks of wide-ranging information that will come in most useful in your dog’s training.

Just Because It’s Comprehensive Doesn’t Mean It’s Confusing!

Sounds handy, doesn’t it? It’s also very reader-friendly. Not only is this book packed with healthy, sensible recommendation, but the entire thing is laid out in a very reasonable and self-explanatory format: the tone is light and non-threatening (no baffling terminology or bizarre gaps in logic here!) and it flows in a rational manner from step to step, with the help of useful how-to diagrams from the book’s charming mascot (a pooch called Spot-Less).


In my view, one of the finest parts is this: a free-of-charge, custom-made email session with the team at the Kingdom of Pets. If you’d like supplementary help with your own dog’s toilet-related headaches, just send them off an email and you’ll get a personalized expert opinion on how best to manage the problem – plus any extra tips and strategies essential to get your dogs house training under management.

The Verdict

Dog house training is a nerve-racking job for most people, but the author’s wisdom and advice is encouraging; and he’s definitely been able to present it in a way that appeals to every dog owner, young and old.

In addition to the major sections cited above, there are lots of appealing extras integrated to make the course as trouble-free and efficient as possible, such as checklists, do’s and don’ts, how to properly deal with accidents, even an inventory of useful equipment!

In my opinion, when everything is put together so well and is full of such reliable tips and techniques that’ll have your dog house trained in no time, you really can’t go wrong!

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