Best Dog Shock Collars for sale

Best Dog Shock Collars

Shock collars are a highly debated product among dog owners. Many people are on both sides of the debate. Pro-shock collar people swear a shock collar is a quick, effective way of training your dog obedience.

The anti-shock collar side swears it’s an inhumane way of training your dog. They believe shock collars are torture devices with no benefits for dogs. They think using a shock collar is only beneficial for the owners.

In my opinion, each side has their merits, and I tend to lean more towards the anti-shock collar group. However, I do believe the best dog shock collars are useful in specific scenarios where you have no other choice such as for stubborn dogs.

For example, if you’ve adopted an older, stubborn dog that’s stuck in their ways, using a shock collar could help mold them into the dog you’ve always wanted. In this case, the following information will help you decide what type/model of shock collar’s a good purchase.

Top 10 Best Dog Shock Collar Reviews

1. Petrainer Upgraded Version Dog Shock Collar

The Petrainer Upgraded Shock Collar is one of the best products on the market. I enjoy the feel of safety it conveys with the 1-year warranty it offers buyers. If you register your device after purchase, this warranty extends to 3 years: a level of comfort seen very little across the shock collar market.

Besides the warranty, I feel like the 0-100 customizable levels of stimulation found in this model put it over the top. You can have a unique sense of control rarely seen in the shock collar industry. It’s remarkable how much control this Petrainer collar gives its handler.

Along with the vast control of the stimulation levels, it has a vibration mode. This feature is imperative for dog owners, like me, who aren’t thrilled with the idea of sending an actual shock. It seems this collar has a training mode for any owner: even the pet owners who feel a little uncomfortable with the whole process of a shock collar.

Furthermore, I love this shock collar’s ability to charge the transmitter and receiver at the same time. It means the only way I won’t be ready to train is out of my laziness and carelessness.
However, the three-hundred-thirty-yard range is a little less than I would personally like in my shock collar. It limits a lot of the shock collar training activities I’d like to experience. In my personal opinion, any range under a ½ mile is too short for my taste.

However, the three-hundred-thirty-yard range is a little less than I would personally like in my shock collar. It limits a lot of the shock collar training activities I’d like to experience. In my personal opinion, any range under a ½ mile is too short for my taste.

Things We Liked

  • 1-year warranty that can extend to 3 years.
  • 0-100 customizable levels of stimulation
  • Vibration and standard tone mode
  • Great price
  • Charges simultaneously

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The range of 330 yards is a little on the short side
  • Rainproof, but not entirely waterproof

Overall, the Petrainer Upgraded Version Dog Shock Collar is an excellent purchase with all of its lovely features, but its lack of range makes it a tough sell for my taste.

Due to this, I could see someone who lives in an apartment/house and has a small yard being completely satisfied with this model. But someone with a big ranch/farm might have problems using this device.

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2. PetTech Remote-Controlled – The Best Dog Shock Collar

First off, I love the PetTech Remote-Controlled Dog Shock Collar. The 1200-yard range is well over my ½ mile rule of thumb. With this model, I don’t feel like my dog’s unfairly stuck in a small area. He has all the room he needs to get the exercise required for a healthy life.

Its ability to withstand any scenario involving water makes swimming with my dog stress-free. Nothing’s worse than going to the beach and having to always worry about your dog bothering other people or chasing all the birds. With this shock collar, these two scenarios don’t even enter your mind. It’s the best waterproof dog shock collar money can buy.

The four training modes make my life as an overly cautious dog owner more manageable. I can set the stimulation to my preference level without having to worry about the shock becoming something I don’t have control over.

Along the same lines, its long-lasting battery life comforts me. It lets me feel like it’s always ready to help curb some unwanted behaviors. I never have to worry about this shock collar failing in getting my desired results.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks. The materials are low quality and easily breakable. But given the price, this isn’t something that truly surprised me. In fact, I expected the design’s quality to leave me a little disappointed.

But this product has a lifetime warranty; therefore, PetTech has a solution to the one issue I have with its shock collar. It’s a nuisance rather than an unfixable problem.

Things We Liked

  • Waterproof
  • 1200 yards of range
  • Four training modes (shock, light, vibration, and beep)
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Price

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Made with low-quality materials

Despite the low-quality material, this Pet Tech shock collar checks off a lot of the desired qualities I would look for in a shock collar: waterproof, more than a ½ range, multiple training modes, long battery life, etc. It’s an unremarkable, but solid purchase for any consumer looking for a good product.

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3. SportDOG Brand 425 Family Remote Trainers

SportDOG’s Brand 425 Family Remote Trainer is one of my least favorite collars on this list. But it’s still a quality shock collar that could fill another dog owner’s needs that are different from mine.

It has seven levels of static stimulation that offers me a feeling of comfort by keeping my dog’s training always under my control. I won’t have to worry about the training reaching a point of intensity that feels uncomfortable.

The option of adding additional collars is a nice touch. It’s always a good feeling knowing that you have backups in case the shock collar accidentally breaks or dies. Plus, it’s incredibly convenient for multiple dog owners looking to train more than one dog.

And of course, a shock collar being waterproof’s always a sign that it’s high-quality. It shows the company took everything into account when creating this product. If I did buy this collar, I wouldn’t be worried about it failing to achieve everything SportDOG claims it’s capable of doing.

However, its lack of range is a very concerning feature that leads me to look for other shock collar products immediately. I need to feel comfortable letting my dog roam across significant open areas: a range of five hundred yards doesn’t give my dog enough room to explore. I need the best shock collar for small dogs money can buy rather than something with this little range.

Besides the range issue, the price is borderline outrageous compared to some other options on this list. I don’t think spending $1xx on a limited range shock collar is a worthwhile purchase.

Things We Liked

  • Seven levels of static stimulation
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Has the option to add additional collars
  • Waterproof
  • Customizable button functions

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Limited range at 500 yards
  • Expensive

Honestly, the unique features this shock collar has aren’t worth the additional $1xx for my circumstances. I’ll happily pick another shock collar with a lower price and be utterly content without having customizable button functions.

In the end, purchasing the Sport DOG shock collar isn’t worth the high price for my particular needs. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of your consideration. After all, your needs are going to differ from mine.

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4. Petronics Rechargeable Shock Training Collar With Remote

The first thing about the Petronics Rechargeable Shock Training Collar that stands out is the price. At $xx, this shock collar is the cheapest on this list. As you’d expect, the low cost has some impact on the quality. But, it does have some very critical features that make it worth considering.

For example, it has four functional modes, vibration, light, beep, and shock, to give the buyer complete control over the stimulation’s intensity. You’d be surprised how unnerving it feels to have a shock collar with only one or two settings.

Also, the five-year replacement warranty is excellent for dog owners, like me, who are prone to breaking things. With this warranty, you’ll never have to spend money on a shock collar ever again.

But even with the positive aspects, the negatives are too detrimental for me to purchase this shock collar. For example, the three hundred-thirty yard range isn’t applicable to my dog’s needs. I wish three hundred-thirty yards were enough range for my pup because this product is a bargain.

Another element I didn’t like is the poor, flimsy design. It has a habit of making you rely on the warranty a lot more than you’d want. It’s a hassle because you have to wait for the arrival of the new collar; therefore, halting your dog’s training in the process.

Things We Liked

  • Low price
  • 5-year replacement warranty
  • Fits all dogs
  • Four functional modes (vibration, light, beep, and shock)

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Limited range of 330 yards
  • Poor design

In my personal opinion, the poor design and lack of range removes this shock collar from consideration. But for a dog owner with a strict budget, this shock collar could provide you with everything you need for a low price.

In fact, this shock collar probably represents the best value on this entire list when you consider what you’re getting and how much you’re spending.

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5. Ipets PET619S 100% Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

The Ipets PET6195 100% Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar has a wide variety of excellent qualities. For example, it’s inexpensive at the price of $xx that makes it a rarity in the expensive world of shock collars: extremely helpful for a dog owner who is in a bind financial.

Besides its cost efficiency, I like this shock collar’s 1-year warranty (if you register the device after purchasing, you can extend it to a 3-year warranty). When a company provides a warranty of this length, it speaks to their confidence in the product they’re selling. Therefore, I’m inclined to believe this shock collar is a high-quality item.

Regarding the shock collar itself; I like the adjustable intensity dial feature because you gain a sense of control over the training experience. Most collars on this list have a feature that allows you to feel like you’re in control. However, the adjustable dial is unique because it offers exact precision concerning the shock’s intensity.

A nice bonus is this shock collar’s both rechargeable and waterproof. When considering shock collars, these two features are both on the top of my list. They’re just so convenient and essential to any shock collar training experience.
Now, there are certain aspects I dislike. As you probably guessed, the two hundred-twenty yard range isn’t going to mesh with my dog’s needs. My dog needs to run with his ears flapping in the wind around a big open space. I’m not caging him in a small two hundred-twenty yard area for the sake of a lower price.

Things We Liked

  • Inexpensive
  • 1-year warranty that can extend to a 3-year warranty through registering device after purchase
  • Adjustable intensity dial
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Immensely small amount of range at 220 yards

Other than the range issue, there isn’t much to complain about concerning this shock collar. It’s a worthwhile option for any dog owner who’s looking to save a little money and still get a top quality product. I mean, isn’t that what we all want.

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6. Dog Training Collar – Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

Dog Training Collar’s Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar has a transmitter capable of training up to nine different dogs at once. When I first read this, I was in awe. Realistically, getting nine dogs to do anything together is a fool’s errand. But training them all to follow the same commands is something only a madman would try.

However, it appears someone accomplished training nine dogs at once using this collar. You’re probably wondering why this matters considering mostly likely nobody reading this has nine dogs? Well, it speaks to how amazingly useful this shock collar is in training dogs.

Its ability to train multiple dogs isn’t its only stunning trait; this shock collar has three different training modes, beep, vibration, and shock to make the training process as comfortable as possible. In conjunction with the training modes, you can adjust the shock level on a 0-99 scale to ensure the owner’s total comfort with the entire process.

Another plus I almost forgot to mention, is the price isn’t too shabby either: $xx.

But every shock collar has some negative qualities, and this model isn’t any different. For example, the range of 1000ft isn’t something to write home about: it’s a relatively small area and won’t meet the needs of a dog like mine. Honestly, I don’t know how you’d fit nine dogs in this area, but alas they did.

Also, I was reading reviews, and the same complaint kept coming up about the battery being faulty. This complaint isn’t a great look for a product whose total productivity runs on the performance of the battery. You’d think they would fix this issue, but it popped up in numerous reviews.

Things We Liked

  • Can train up to 9 dogs with only one transmitter
  • Waterproof
  • 0-99 shock level
  • Three different training modes (beep, vibration, and shock)
  • Price

Things We Didn’t Like

  • 1000ft (330 yards) of range
  • The battery can be faulty

Regardless of my gripes with the best dog shock collar, it’s an incredibly practical option that comes at a low price. If you’re on a budget, this shock collar is a must purchase.

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7. PetSafe Yard & Park Add-A-Dog Collar with Red Strap

The PetSafe Yard & Park Add-A-Dog Collar with Red Strap has eight adjustable shock levels: a very reasonable amount of shock levels that should provide you with all the choices you need. Again, all these collars are trying to make their customers as comfortable as possible. Features like the adjustable levels are ways they try to create this sense of comfort.

Aside from the adjustable levels, this shock collar can train up to three dogs with the same transmitter. Now, three dogs aren’t as extensive as nine dogs, but it’s nonetheless impressive. It’s a perfect shock collar for multiple dog owners who need to train their dogs side by side.

The waterproof collar brings a sense of safety to this shock collar. It protects your dog from electrified water somehow hurting your dog. Also, it allows for the training to continue even underwater or during swimming sessions.

But the range isn’t very vast at 400 yards, meaning your dog will have little room to roam during their training. This range isn’t what you should be expecting from a shock collar with this high of a price.

And that’s another thing; the price is excessively high coming in just under 1xx dollars at $xx. With this price, you’d assume there would be warranty included, but this petsafe training collar makes you pay extra to obtain a one.

Things We Liked

  • Eight adjustable levels
  • Waterproof collar
  • Can train up to three dogs with the same transmitter
  • Fits all dogs
  • Rechargeable batteries

Things We Didn’t Like

  • High price
  • Only 400 yards of range
  • Have to pay extra for the warranty

The PetSafe Shock Collar has a bunch of quality features but happens to fail in a couple of critical areas needed for a great shock collar training experience. And the fact you have to pay extra for a warranty is quite inconvenient. Also, it shows the company’s primary focus is taking your money rather than creating an excellent product for your dog.

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8. Puss and Pooch Dog Training Collar

The Puss and Pooch Dog Training Collar is a standard shock collar with the features you’d expect: training modes, waterproof, and 1 to 100 adjustable stimulation levels. This shock collar doesn’t have any unique features or add-ons but has all the bases covered in creating a useful product.

In doing so, the cost stays inexpensive: a remarkable feat considering the extraordinary costs of some other shock collars in this article. I feel like the Puss and Pooch Dog Training Collar is an effort to create the best shock collar at the lowest price possible.

Unfortunately, this shock collar still has one faulty area like many others on this list: the range. In fact, this product has lowest range capabilities of any shock collar in this article at 300 meters. To put into context, that’s barely a point of a mile.

Due to this, I feel like this shock collar was a valiant effort in creating the most cost-efficient product possible, but it fails to meet the qualities I would have to look for in a shock collar.

If you’re looking to get the best e collar for small dogs, this shock collar could be the perfect one for your circumstances. I mean, do breeds like Chihuahuas need that much room to run? Those short little legs can only go so far.

Things We Liked

  • Inexpensive
  • Ten-year replacement or refund warranty
  • Four modes (static shock, vibration, beep, light)
  • Waterproof
  • 1 to 100 levels

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Considerably small amount of range: 300 meters

Again, the low amount of range would make me look for other shock collar options. But not everyone has the qualities I want, and the Puss and Pooch Dog Training Collars has everything you could want in a small dog shock collar besides a lot of range. This is another reason why it’s imperative to carefully consider what features you want in a shock collar before you purchase.

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9. PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collars with Remote

The PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock for Dogs sets itself apart with its 16 adjustable shock levels. This amount of choice regarding shock level ensures you will have no problem finding the right level for your dog’s training experience.

Otherwise, this shock collar’s pretty standard when it comes to its features: three training modes, waterproof, rechargeable, etc. However, it stands out in one more area with its lifetime warranty.

By including a lifetime warrant, PetSpy makes sure you’ll never have to consider spending money on a shock collar ever again. You could redirect this money towards other dog-related products such as treats, toys, leashes, or food. After all, what dog doesn’t love a nice new toy or box of treats?

Additionally, it shows their willingness to help their customers get the best experience possible out of their product. Also, it sends a message that their company is willing to own up to their mistakes.

Of course, this shock collar doesn’t come without its faults; it fails to meet the ½ mile range I’d prefer. Furthermore, several reviews had complaints about this shock collar staying charged.

If this true, this shock collar could end up being a real nuisance and make the process training worse rather than making it better. Dog training needs consistency, and a shock collar that can’t stay charged won’t provide this consistency.

Things We Liked

  • Waterproof
  • Three training modes (electric shock, vibration, and beep)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 16 adjustable levels
  • Rechargeable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The range is low at 650 yards
  • Has issues staying charged

Aside from my issues with the range and its ability to stay charged, the PetSpy P620 Dog Training Collar is an excellent choice that’s worthy of being considered for you next shock collar purchase. All in all, it’s dependable, gives you plenty of options, and the price, $xx isn’t shabby.

Now, that we went over the best options on the market, it’s time to help you figure out what features you would prefer on the best electronic dog collars. The following sections will provide all the information you’d ever need to know about them to ensure you pick the right one.

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10. Bousnic Dog Training Collar

Even though the Bousnic Dog Training Collar is my least favorite on this list, it’s still a quality shock collar worthy of your consideration. It has all the features you’d expect from a high-quality shock collar: rechargeable, waterproof, adjustable shock levels and collar, etc.

All these things are attractive features for many different reasons, a lot of which I explain in the above product reviews. However, this model concerns me in two vastly essential areas in my eyes: range and customers reviews.

I’m going to skip explaining the range part. By now, you should understand that 1000ft range is going to make me think twice about purchasing this item. But this lack of range isn’t something that should steer you away from considering this model.

Now, seeing the shock being described as harsh in a customer review should. I don’t know if it was an isolated incident or the buyer being unfamiliar with how shock collars work. This scenario’s why it’s an excellent idea to check reviews before buying any product.

Given I saw only one review saying anything about the shock being harsh, I’m inclined to believe it was an isolated incident. And the various other reviews seem to praise this product. However, I’m still weary and would put this on the bottom of my preferred shock collar list.

Things We Liked

  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Customizable Shock and Vibration levels
  • An adjustable collar that fits any dog

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The range is only 1000ft
  • Reviews seem to mention the shock being harsh

Regardless of the one scary review, I still believe this shock collar belongs on this list because the other reviews are so glowingly positive with them all seemingly pointing out the effectiveness and convenience. But, I’m not going to lie and say that one review didn’t change my opinion on this overall product.

What is a Shock Collar?

A shock collar is a dog-training device, which delivers a “shock” to your dog when they do an undesirable behavior. It straps onto your dog’s neck like a regular collar but can help train your dog even when you’re not even there.

It uses a remote activated button embedded in the collar to deliver these shocks. Some shock collars include a beep or vibrating setting, to alert the dog a shock is coming.

Other shock collars use GPS or Internet mapping to shock your dog when they enter unwanted places. These types are great for large dogs that have a remarkable ability to escape the confines of the yard and go on adventures.

Overall, these devices use negative reinforcement, the shock, to get rid of bad behaviors. It’s a simple concept, however, a complicated one, given the emotions people express debating the use of them.

How Does It Work?

Shock collars were first used in 1960’s to train hunting dogs. The term comes from this era because these inhumane devices were indeed everything the anti-shock collar community says they’re now.

However, modern-day shock collars are used to repress specific unwanted behaviors in your dog: barking, food aggression, escaping the yard, etc. Today’s shock collars aren’t the punishing devices they used to embody. No longer does a shock collar make your dog fear you.

See, the shock provided by modern day shock collars is safe. It will get your dog’s attention without hurting them, unlike the grotesque older devices. On the best collars, there are levels of enforcement you can control. This control allows you to set the level of shock you feel comfortable delivering.

Additionally, most shock collars now send a beep or warning before delivering the shock. The beep/warning allows you to communicate a verbal command before the shock hits the dog.

Of course, this level of control allows awful humans to abuse this power. But in the hands of a sane human, these devices are a handy training method.

Honestly, these devices aren’t going to hurt your relationship with your dog. But I’m personally uncomfortable using them unless there’s no other choice; I’m a big softie.

Types of Dog Shock Collars

There are three different types of shock collars: underground/non-visible fence containment collars, remote training collars, and anti-bark collars.

Underground/Non-Visible Fence Containment Collars

An underground/non-visible fence containment collar acts as a fence without you having a fence. In other words, these collars work together with the underground fence to create a dog shock collar fence that prevents your dog from escaping.

This boundary is created digitally through transmitting energy between the boundary line, a home base/monitoring device, and the collar around your dog’s neck. The fence’s built by placing electrical wires 3 or 4 feet underground around the area you don’t want your dog to escape.

The transmitter is set up in your home and alerts the dog when they’re approaching the area by providing a tone or vibration. If your dog continues toward the area, a shock will eventually come and make them turn around.

After a while, your dog should stop heading towards the underground fence to avoid being shocked. Again, it’s a relatively simple process that curbs unwanted behaviors very effectively.

These electronic collars reviews are perfect for dog owners who are tired of their dog’s ripping apart their gardens or escaping into neighboring yards and doing the same.

Remote Training Collars

Training collars for dogs with remote (shock collar, electronic collar (e collar reviews)) allow a dog owner’s complete control over how intense and often a shock is delivered. These are the shock collars humans tend to misuse and create the stigma surrounding these devices.

How these devices work is simple, you push the button on the handheld remote, and it sends a signal towards to the receiver on the collar. Then, the collar receiver sends an electrical shock through the two stainless steel probes positioned on the dog’s neck.

The collar’s strap safely secures the two stainless steel probes; therefore, unable to cause your dog any discomfort.  However, they must be touching the dog’s skin to make the shock collar work properly.

In the end, shock collars for pitbulls with a remote are useful when used in the hands of a person who won’t abuse the shock feature. If you don’t abuse them, these collars are just as efficient as the other shock collars. In fact, they’re more likely to repress your dog’s bad behaviors quicker than the other two types.

Anti-Bark Collars

As you would expect, anti-bark collars are shock collars specifically designed to stop your dog from barking. Let’s be honest; continually barking is one of the worst behaviors a dog can possess. It’s simply just annoying.

The companies making the anti-bark collars rely on this annoying habit to push these collars onto dog owners. And this marketing ploy works exceptionally well for these companies.

Concerning how these collars work, whenever the dog barks, the collar will set off an interrupter. Depending on the model, the interrupter could be many things: a noise, a blast of air, or an electric shock sent between two stimulation points on the collar.

Either way, this type of shock collar sole purpose is stopping your dog from constantly barking. Overall, it’s pretty useful in providing a quiet, bark-free atmosphere for the owner who purchased this collar.

Owners with yappy dogs such as a Chihuahua could benefit from using this type of shock collar. No longer would you have to put up with your dog barking at every passerby, squirrel, car, or cat.

Benefits of Using a Shock Collar for Dog

Given the lousy rep shock collars get, you’re probably surprised there are many benefits to using one whatsoever. However, queue the “shock” there are some:

A shock collar is a quicker method of training a dog: Due to the negative reinforcement, your dog will understand what’s the bad behavior you’re trying to correct.  Then, they’ll stop doing it altogether.

They keep your dog inside your property: There’s no telling how even the best-behaved dog would act at the sight of a squirrel in the distance. A shock collar removes this from being an issue.

Stops your dog’s barking: As we all know, barking is quite the nuisance and any way to stop it is worth considering. Nothing better than living inside a home with a dog that doesn’t bark.

Will help keep your dog away from other animals: By keeping them inside the yard, it limits your dog’s access to other animals. You won’t have to worry about them chasing after a bird or raccoon. In doing so, it saves you a lot on vet bills.

You don’t need to present: In your absence, your dog’s training will continue. Most shock collars don’t need a human present to curb your dog’s unwanted behaviors. It’s a benefit unseen in every other type of dog training tips.

Control of the shock: Due to the settings on most shock collars, you can control the whole experience. This benefit is a real bonus for people like me who feel uncomfortable with this type of training. It gives us comfort knowing the shock’s intensity caters to our preferences.

Overall, the main benefits are a shock collar’s hugely useful and provides quick results. It’s a quick solution to annoying or dangerous problems such as barking and escaping the yard.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Shock Collar

Just like another product you intend on buying, there are key factors you need to consider before purchasing a shock collar:

Design and intended use

When buying a shock collar, you must consider the type you need for your circumstances. As seen above, there are three different types of shock collars: underground/non-visible fence containment collars, remote training collars, and anti-bark collars.

Each type has its unique purpose. The underground/non-visible fence containment collar is specially built to keep your dog from meandering around the neighborhood.

The remote training collars are for teaching dogs overall obedience. These collars give you complete control over your dog’s training. Whether you want them to stop begging for food or jumping on the couch, these collars can deter these actions.

And the anti-bark collars’ purpose is pretty self-explanatory; they stop your dog from barking. It’s a noble but straightforward mission that every dog owner can appreciate.


When considering how much range your shock collar needs to have, a motto to follow is too much will never hurt, but too little could.  In other words, don’t buy a shock collar with a low amount of range because it’s cheap.

Instead, take some time and figure out how much range is entirely appropriate for your dog. Make sure your dog isn’t in a little area unequipped for their exercise needs.

I recommend getting a shock collar with at least ½ mile range to provide your dog with plenty of running room. This amount of range should cover any training experience you intend on giving your dog.

Adjustable Intensity

As mentioned before, modern-day shock collars give you control over the shock’s intensity. In fact, these devices usually include the option of a warning beep or vibration for the dog owners that aren’t entirely comfortable with shock collars for dogs reviews.

In a sense, this allows owners to control the whole experience without ever feeling uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s important you consider whether or not you’d like the warning beep or vibration feature for your shock collar.

After all, you don’t want to buy a shock collar without a warning feature and find yourself afraid of using it. If you waste your money on a shock collar you never use, it’s not productive for you or your dog. Consider the exact results you want from a shock collar and strive to find one capable of cultivating that experience.

Type of stimulation

Most shock collars have two different kinds of stimulation: momentary and continuous.  The momentary stimulation is a quick shock that lasts for less than a second.

The momentary stimulation is useful in getting your dog to shift their focus quickly. Most likely, it will cut off faster than you can hold and release the button. It’s most useful for correcting known commands on an already trained dog.

In comparison, the continuous stimulation allows you to control how long the shock goes before stopping. Usually, the shock collar has a cut-off limit of around 8 to 10 seconds.

This type of stimulation is more useful for training untrained dogs because it allows you to control the experience.


Getting a waterproof shock collar is essential because most dogs love water and will run into it when presented with the opportunity. Some companies will try to capitalize on your dog’s love of water and say their low-priced shock collars are water-resistant.

But being water-resistant isn’t good enough. You need a shock collar that can handle heavy downpours or be fully engulfed in water. Water-resistant collars aren’t made to survive in these situations.

Therefore, don’t get tricked into getting a water-resistance shock collar because of its low-cost. Remember, there’s a reason for it’s low-cost: it’s low-quality.

In any case, make sure to turn down the shock levels when using these collars in water. It increases the stimulation’s intensity and can become dangerous.


If you’re going to train your dog with a shock collar, you need an understanding of the type of batteries that shock collars use.

You want to consider many factors about a shock collar’s battery before choosing the one to buy: length of charge time, run time off a single charge, low battery warning, completed charge warning and ease of replacing batteries.

Each one of these factors is exceptionally essential to having a successful training process with your dog. Don’t be the owner who has your dog pee right in front of you without them and can’t send a shock because the battery’s dead.

Ease of use

Certain shock collars are needlessly complicated and require a thorough read of their manuals. Some are relatively straightforward and need little to no manual reading.

When looking through Amazon or Chewy for the right shock collar, you should take the shock collars’ complexity into account. If you don’t have the time to deal with all the fancy features, opt for a simple but effective option.

If you’re more hands-on and love putting together mechanical items, go the challenging route. It will give you a fun, little project to tackle as you start training your dog.


When buying electric dog collar reviews, safety should be the number one thing you consider. After all, some companies are trying to sell their malfunctioning shock collars on these websites.

Additionally, companies will flat out lie about the qualities of their shock collar. They might say it’s waterproof, but it’s just water-resistant. And this could cause a massive problem for an owner expecting their dog to be safe in the rain showers.

Due to this, looking over reviews and researching each product is imperative to the shock collar buying process. Don’t put your pup in danger to save a buck. Make sure the company you’re buying from is reputable and has solid reviews.

Additional features

Some shock collars come with additional features such as multiple remotes, batteries, an automatic safety feature, multiple-sized prongs, etc. These add-ons are there to entice consumers into spending more on a shock collar.

But these additional features are quite handy and for some owners worth the extra price. So, evaluate your circumstances and decided on whether you need these add-ons.

In the end, they could end up saving you money.


The warranties on shock collars are all over the place. There are shock collars with 30 days money back guarantees, 60 days money back guarantees, 1-year warranties, lifetime warranties, and everything in between.

Given all these options, it’s worth considering how clumsy or careless you’re before deciding on a shock collar.  You don’t want to spend another 25 to 200 dollars on a new model two months after purchasing one because of your carelessness.

Honestly, the lifetime warranty is the way to go regardless of your carelessness. No matter what happens, it will keep you protect and make sure you never have to open up your checkbook again for a shock collar.


High-quality shock collars can get quite expensive. Some are even 200 or more dollars. And while these shock collars do an excellent job training your dog, you can find a cheaper one that’s just as effective.

Don’t allow yourself to get roped into the high glamour of these expensive options. They don’t do anything beneficially different from the cheaper shock collars. In fact, they’ll probably end up taking more time to put together than these other options because of all the unnecessary additional features.

However, if your dog needs additional range, these expensive collars become less of a luxury and more of a necessity.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve decided buying a shock collar is the right option, you probably have a couple of questions. This section will attempt to provide you with answers regarding the complicated process of picking the best one.

What is the difference for a waterproof vs. water resistant dog shock collar?

A waterproof shock collar can fully withstand being on a dog when it’s swimming. A water resistant shock collar can handle slight rain conditions, but it fails in downpours or swimming situations.

Therefore, you want to buy a waterproof shock collar because most dogs love water. They’re going to get the collar wet, and you don’t want the collar malfunctioning in these scenarios.

So, when looking into buying a shock collar, make sure it’s waterproof. Honestly, I don’t understand why a company would make a non-waterproof shock collar. It makes no logical sense.

What is the warranty on the shock collar?

The warranty will depend on the model and the company selling them. Mostly, you’ll see 1-year warranties on shock collars. It’s just short enough that they won’t break but long enough to entice you into buying one.

Another standard warranty you’ll see with shock collars is the 30-day money back guarantee. And some have a lifetime guarantee.

Again, it depends on the model and the company selling the shock collar. Therefore, make sure to do your research about its warranty before deciding on buying one.

How to put a shock collar on a dog?

Knowing how to put a shock collar on a dog correctly is an essential step in using one effectively. See, if the collar is too loose or positioned wrong, the shock could end up making intermitted contact and become random or make no contact at all.

Now, each shock collar is a little different, so it’s imperative you read the manual before attaching the collar to your dog’s neck.

But typically, the correct position of the collar is having the receiver right under your dog’s chin.  Regarding the tightness, make sure you can get one or two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.

If your dog shakes and moves the collar, it’s too loose. If the shock does not affect your dog, the collar is too loose.

What kind of training modes does your dog shock collar have?

The training modes vary from product to product; however, there are usually two methods of alerting your dog: a shock or a vibration correction.

Ironically, the shock correction mode doesn’t shock your dog. It’s a misnomer attributed to the older, medieval shock collars used previously in the 1960’s. Instead of shocking, the best shock collars for large dogs use a tapping sensation to alert your dog of their lousy behavior.

However, certain low-priced shock collars do use a shock to correct bad behaviors. These shocks burn your dog and are painful for them. Be aware of this, when deciding which shock collar to buy.

In comparison to the shock correction mode, the vibration correction mode sends a pulsing sensation to get your dog’s attention. As mentioned before, this mode is for owners who don’t feel comfortable with the idea of sending their dog a “shock.”

How to properly train a dog with a shock collar?

Training a dog with a shock collar is relatively easy. First, you purchase a high-quality shock collar fit to your specific needs. Don’t skimp on the price or you’ll regret it later.

Second, attach the collar, but don’t activate it for about a week. By doing this, you’re allowing your dog to get familiar with the collar.

Third, start using the shock collar, but never let your dog see the remote. If your dog does see the remote, they could begin associating the shock with you. And this isn’t an ideal scenario, as no owner wants their dog to fear them.

Lastly, when you see your dog doing a bad behavior, sternly say, “No.” If your dog doesn’t comply, subtly give them a low-level shock. Then, when they do stop, say, “Good boy/girl” and they’ll come running.

When they come running, it will confirm they see you as a safe space away from the shock.

Can another dog’s training collar remote activate my unit?

With lower-priced shock collars, this could happen, but it’s rare. See, these low-priced products use a pairing process with a couple hundred unique IDs.

Due to these couple hundred unique IDs, there’s little risk that two dog owners would be using the same collar at the same time. However, the risk still exists and is something you need to be aware of when buying a garmin shock collar.

Generally, these low-priced products come from outside the US and don’t adhere to the strict regulations US based companies do. Therefore, an accident such as another shock collar activating your dog’s collar could happen.

Will the electric stimulation from a shock collar hurt my dog?

No, the electric stimulation won’t hurt your dog. In fact, it’s perfectly safe and handy in certain situations. The shock only becomes a problem when it’s overused and starts correcting perfectly natural behaviors.

To put the shock into the context, it’s similar to you getting shocked from a carpet. You become alert, but there’s no feeling of pain or discomfort. It’s just a reminder for your dog of what not to do.

Are shock collar safe?

Yes, shock collars are safe to use. They won’t cause any physical harm to your dog when used the correct way. And they’ll provide you with a quick, easy way of correcting your dog’s bad behaviors.

However, when used misused these devices can cause setbacks in your dog’s training and affect their overall mental health.  As mentioned before, some people are sick and enjoy inflicting pain on dogs. Sadly, a shock collar’s one way they can accomplish this goal.

Due to this, it’s essential all dog owners make sure they properly research how to use a shock collar before putting one on your dog. You don’t want to put your dog in danger because you didn’t do enough research.

Will a shock collar help with an aggressive dog?

No, a shock collar won’t help a dog become less aggressive. See, the dog will start to associate the other dog  with the shock. Therefore, the dog will act out and become even more aggressive due to the annoyance of being shocked.

If you use a shock collar to repress aggression, it will make your dog suppress the aggression to trick you into thinking they’re okay with the other dog. They’ll stop the barking, growling, or teeth showing to get near the dog they associate with the shock.

Then, they’ll lash out towards the other dog without any warning causing a nightmare scenario for both dog owners. Honestly, using a shock collar to correct aggression is an accident waiting to happen.

How much are shock collars? Where to buy?

Generally, shock collars range between 25 and 200 dollars depending on the features: remote control, adjustable warning/shock levels, a range of distances (usually 30 to 400 yards), and the number of collars included.

As you saw in the section “Product Reviews,” Amazon has a wide variety of excellent shock collar options. On this site, there’s no way you won’t find a shock collar that caters to your specific circumstances.

Another great option is This site is a lot like Amazon; however, it’s just for pet products. It’s a haven for all animal lovers who enjoy spoiling their pets with treats or toys.

But this site does more than sell toys, treats, and food; it’s full of training devices and other pet-related consumer products to satisfy any needs a pet owner may require.

If you’re looking to buy offline, Wal-Mart is an excellent option. Their capacity to have a variety of shock collar options is second to none among offline stores. And they’ll give you a great deal, as you’d expect from Wal-Mart.


After reading this article, you should have no problem picking the best dog training collar for your circumstances. It’s time you peruse Amazon, Chewy, or stop in at a Wal-Mart to find the best dog shock collar for you. You never know, it might even be a shock collar from our product review section.

With all this information, I have little doubt you will successfully find a shock collar to meet your dog’s training needs. But remember, a shock collar should never be the first training method you try. It’s a worst-case scenario meant for extreme cases of continually unwanted behaviors rather than the go-to option of providing proper training.

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