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The Dog Lady is now searving residents of Fish Hawk Ranch in Lithia Florida and other local areas. 

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Dogs, children, lots of heart and a happy ending...

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  • training?
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You have come to the right place.

  • Yes, you can achieve the results you had in mind when you decided to add a dog to your family.   

The bond between animals and humans is very special. I am fortunate to experience the joy of that bond with my own animals and the animals I train.

It is my hope that I can share my dog training knowledge and techniques with as many people as possible so that EVERYONE will be able to experience the joy that animals can bring to our lives and we, in turn, can bring to theirs.

Your dog behavior problems can be solved and I am committed to doing just that.

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When you are dealing with frustrating dog behavior problems, magical solutions are tempting. Sorry, there are no hidden dog training secrets or magic dog behavior problem tricks. The solution to your problem is education.

A good dog trainer is a teacher and one of the best teachers around is The Dog Lady. Why? because she educates you and coaches you through the process of applying what you have learned. Either in person or with her online dog training programs, having a good teacher is better than magic. The Dog Lady won't disapear in a puff of smoke after you pay.

Let The Dog Lady guide you into your dog's world where YOU learn how to communicate with your dog and influence his behavior.

Learn to raise a happy healthy dog...while maintaining your sanity!  


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